Photography Credit: Tim Morozzo

Writer – Caryl Churchill

Guy – a man, leaves his wife and kids to be with Sam – a country. Sam is everything Guy has ever dreamt of and more. To prove his commitment, Guy helps Sam with his work: fixing elections, overthrowing governments and bombing countries all over the world. At first, the intoxication of working and winning together sustains the lovers. But steadily, Guy becomes disillusioned with their actions and Sam’s increasingly controlling behaviour. As the consequences of their interventions into world politics become ever more threatening, Guy struggles to free himself from this toxic attachment.

Hurtling through the highs and lows of a volatile love affair, Caryl Churchill’s Drunk Enough to Say I Love You? explores one man’s relationship with America. In a world where the private and the public, sex and politics collide, what is the cost of our dependency on the Land of Freedom and Democracy?

Guy – Sandy Grierson
Sam – Kevin Lennon
Dramaturg – Ann-Christine Simke
Director & Designer – Nora Wardell
Stage Management – David Sneddon & Ali Biggs

‘an excellently acted production’ Mark Brown Scottish Stage wordpress

‘Nora Wardell’s explosive production…concerning the private habits of queen and country’. The Herald

‘a brutal…brilliant piece of political theatre. Written in the era of Tony Blair and George Bush Jr., it feels fiercely relevant once again in our current political climate.’ Qcomunicate Magazine